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Silt Removal Project
Irwindale, California

JDE began this silt removal project July 19, 2002. It is projected that 1.2 million yards of silt needs to be removed with an estimated completion date by the end of 2002.

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Large-Scale Silt Removal Project
Irwindale, California
JDE began this silt removal project April 8, 1999. It is projected that 2,000,000 cubic yards of silt needs to be removed to mine the material underneath.

JDE’s CAT D10N pushing material over the edge.  
April 1999 – The JDE CAT D10N dozer began pushing the mineable material over the edge creating the cut visible in the foreground.  
River Bank Reconstruction
Follows Camp, Azusa Canyon San Gabriel Mountains, California
JDE used a CAT 998B to reconstruct the riverbanks after a major storm. At one point, the river threatened homes on higher ground after completely wiping out the overnight campsite.
Overburden Removal
Irwindale, California
A JDE CAT 980C is loading one of the CAT 980D Articulating Trucks with material.
Mining Job
Irwindale, California
A JDE CAT D8L pushing material to a belt feeder below.
Parking Structure Demolition
Loyola Law School
Los Angeles, California
J.D. Edwards (JDE) performs demolition of a post-tensioned three-story parking structure that was damaged several years ago in the Whittier earthquake. Here a laborer waters down the concrete for dust control as the CAT 245 excavator with grapple attachment pulls apart and sizes the concrete.
Because of work area restrictions at the job site in central downtown Los Angeles, the inside of the structure was demolished first, then laded out and trucked to a nearby concrete recycling plant. The oversized pieces of concrete were processed using a CAT 235 with a Teledyne breaker attachment and loaded using CAT 973 track loader (not pictured).  
Concrete and Asphalt Removal
Rockwell International
El Segundo, California
JDE used several hydraulic extractors with hammers to remove over 130,000 tons of concrete. Here our CAT 235 is working on a block approximately 10 ft wide by 15 ft deep by 20 ft long.
JDE recycled the concrete and asphalt on site. Here, our CAT 988B is loading out trucks, with the material to be later used as Class II road base.  
Concrete Removal
Industrial Area
Irwindale, California
A JDE CAT 235 using a 10,000 pound Teledyne breaker to remove concrete from and old washout area.
Underground Storage Tank Demolition and Removal
United Concrete Pipe Company
JDE is lading a 10,000 gallon steel diesel tank using a 5299 Conventional American Crane. The tank will be recycled at an approved facility.
The 10,000 gallon fiberglass unleaded fuel tank was removed immediately following the diesel tank. This tank will be disposed of at an approved facility.  
Hazardous Material Cleanup
San Juan Capistrano, California
JDE workers clean off contaminated equipment pads where belt conveyors motors were located.
Hazardous Material Cleanup
Rockwell International
El Segundo, California
Chromium-contaminated concrete was removed and loaded for shipment to Utah. The JDE CAT 988B loader was equipped with a bucket scale for manifesting and to keep from overloading the 95-ton capacity gondolas.
Debris Separation
Allied Signal Garrett Air Research
Los Angeles, California
After initial demolishment of the facility, a JDE CAT 235 excavator with grapple attachment and a CAT 973 with a 4/1 bucket were used to perform debris separation.